Carlisle Systems can provide almost any service or repair in our fully equipped shop

Our technicians have the skills and tools necessary to get your computer systems up and running in a very short time period.

We are experienced in the servicing of any brand PC including Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway.  Our technicians are proficient in all versions of Microsoft Windows as well as Microsoft business servers, and all common (and many uncommon business applications).  Most shop repair / services are flat rated.  This means that you do not pay hourly charges for your repair.

Commercial labor is charged at $85.00 per hour (pro-rated).  There is a minimum 1-hour labor charge for all commercial labor and a $15 travel charge.

We are fully insured and our employee's are bondable as required.

You may request a pick-up of your system anytime, during our normal business hours.  Most work is finished in as little as 48-hours from the time of pick-up. We are open 7 days a week from 7 AM until 8-PM for your drop-off and pick-up convenience.

Carlisle Systems Repair Price List

Computer Cleaning

Clean inside of system case. Clean inside of power supply. Clean inside of CDROM, DVD and Floppy Dives. Update OS to latest security pack level


Data Migration

Migrate data and user settings from old PC to new PC (New PC Requires Windows XP OS)


System Backup (PC Angel)

Complete system backup with restore software (PC Angel Data and System Restoration Software)


Install Hard-Disk Drive

Install New Hard Drive (includes Partitioning & Formatting the drive)


Install Windows Operating System

Install or Rebuild Operating System (Includes partitioning and formatting of drive, install of new device drivers, configuration of BIOS, Operating System Service packs and Updates) Does NOT include installation of customer software or internet configuration


Connect computer to the internet

Connect Computer To customer Internet account and configure email settings


System Tune-up

Computer OS Tune-up. Includes the following:
-Update Windows OS to current service pack level
-Update Windows OS to current Security level
-Defragment Hard Drive
-Scan HDD for Developing problems
-Empty temporary files storage
-Set system settings for optimal use


Install a Motherboard

Install Motherboard into customers computer including configure existing operating System to new motherboard


Data Backup (External Media)

Backup Customer Data To Removable Media - Includes up to 3-CDR's or 1-DVD media


Diagnostic Charge

Base charge for troubleshooting system problem



Install a CD-RW

Install CD-RW into customers computer Including install of burner software (Flat Rate labor Item)


Install a CPU Upgrade

Install Processor (CPU) into Customer Computer


Install a DVD Writer or DVD reader

Install DVD Writer into customers computer including DVD Burner Software (Flat Rate labor Item)


Install a Floppy Drive

Install 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive (Internal)


Install an internal computer card

Install Internal Card to Computer System (Video, Modem, Network, Graphics) and install and configure proper software driver for Operating system


Install a memory upgrade

Install Memory into Customer Computer and reset BIOS as necessary to accept new memory install


Install External Peripheral Device

Install External Peripheral Device and configure for use with Operating System, (CD Player, MP3 Player, printer, ect.)


Install Power Supply

Install Power Supply


Install Software Application

Install Single Title Application Software and update as necessary - Per Application Rate


Laptop Labor

Internal laptop Repair - Teardown & Buildup Charge (If teardown is required to repair unit) Parts cost extra.



Scan For Virus or Spyware

Scan for active virus' and/or AD ware/Spyware infections


Virus or Spyware Removal

Remove Virus or Spyware From Operating System and restore/rebuild corrupted system files as necessary.


Web Site Creation

Web Site Design & Creation services ($65 Per Hour labor rate)



Web Site Editing

Customer requested web site edit or additions (existing web site) $65 per hour



Domain Name Registration

Register Domain Name For Customer - Per year charge


E-Mail Hosting - Gold

Gold level E-mail Hosting. Includes 500MB Server space & Web Mail Access with SPAM guard & Anti-Virus protection. (1-year hosting @ $3 per month)


E-Mail Hosting - Bronze

Bronze level E-mail Hosting. Includes 100MB Server space & Web Mail Access (1-year hosting @ $2 per month)


Web Hosting (Basic Account)

Basic Web Site Hosting Service - Includes 500MB server space, FrontPage 2003 extensions, PHP, ASP support and 1 POP3 e-mail account with Web mail Access (Billed quarterly @ $15 per month)






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